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Frequently Asked Question's

Youtube Advertising

YouTube advertising is a part of your Google Ads account and works on the same bidding system. There are a few different options available, including pre-roll videos that appear before other videos on YouTube, as well as video ads that appear alongside playing videos and in search results.

As it’s been over ten years since YouTube advertising became available, users on the platform have come to expect them. This makes them less likely to be skipped in comparison to Facebook and other sites where their use is still relatively new. According to Animoto, 32% of YouTube users engage with branded content, and they become even more effective when you build a targeted plan. This means ensuring your content is pre-rolled on relevant videos or appears in similar search results.

Like other social media platforms, using YouTube is free. This includes setting up a channel and sharing your videos. When it comes to advertising on the platform, however, there is a cost involved that is dependent on your bidding strategy for your video positions.

As mentioned above, the cost of YouTube advertising is dependent on your bidding strategy. Rates will vary depending on your budget, the competition, your chosen ad type and the number of views. This means your average cost-per-view could range between 10 and 30 cents. Whether it’s considered cheap or expensive ultimately depends on whether you’re getting a good ROI.

YouTube was purchased by Google in 2006. Once acquired, they worked on a way to monetize a vast amount of video content available – and the vast number of daily users. By 2007 display advertising was available on the platform.

YouTube advertising is managed through your Google Ads account, and works in a similar manner to AdWords and the Google Display Network. This means you can choose your preferred daily budget and select your audience demographics. What type of audience you set depends on your goals; while a broad audience will gain more impressions (useful for brand awareness), a more specific audience will deliver better qualified leads. Once you’ve set up your ad specifications, you can then upload your video ad and get started.

If you want to make sure you’re getting in front of the right people, YouTube Premium Advertising may be the right option for you. In 2017, YouTube added its “Google Preferred” program to its available advertising options. This means you can pair your video ads with top-performing content on YouTube.

In Stream Advertising describes the ads that play at the beginning of a YouTube video, also known as pre-roll videos. They automatically play, although a user has the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds, so it’s important that it’s engaging enough that they want to watch to the end. Don’t fret if people don’t watch all the way through, as you’ll only be charged for users who watch to the end, making it less risky to test new ideas.