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1 Billion+ Users

Instagram has grown exponentially over the past 18 months and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Advertising Inventory

With Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads & Stories Ads, there are ever-growing opportunities to place ads.

Build a Following

80% of users follow the businesses they love on Instagram.

Tap into Stories

300 million people use Instagram Stories each day.

Advanced Targeting

Use the same powerful targeting features that are available on Facebook to reach your audience on Instagram.

Mass Awareness

Drive mass awareness to a targeted audience with guaranteed impressions and placement in the top ad position of Instagram’s feed in Photo, Video or Carousel formats.

Conversion Rate

Instagram advertising works much better when you’re testing ads and landing pages at the same time.
That’s why we always help our clients with the landing page design and testing, in addition to their Instagram advertising. It helps us achieve results at a quicker rate too.Higher conversion rates from landing page testing also allows us to get more aggressive with our Instagram advertising bids to continually get more conversions from the right audiences.

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An Instagram advertising freelancer agency is an agency that helps businesses create and manage Instagram advertising campaigns with the help of experienced (5+yrs) freelance advertising experts. The benefits of hiring an Instagram advertising freelancer agency generally consists of the added experience and knowledge that they will bring to your business to make your campaign successful at a nominal fee. Another major benefit is that an Instagram advertising agency can save you a lot of time that you would typically spend trying to figure out how to use Instagram ads effectively on your own that you can utilize for other essential aspects of your business.

We have been helping businesses drive high volumes of sales through Instagram advertising. The costs associated with advertising through Instagram is much lower than most alternative forms of advertising. For egs. Rs 75 ad cost for a sale worth Rs 1500! Throughout our clientele, we have found Instagram to have higher levels of engagement than any other social media platform.

Launching an Instagram advertising campaign without professional help is like trying to file a complex tax return without a CPA. It is stressful, incredibly difficult, and there is a high probability that you are missing something very important.

An Instagram advertising freelancer agency can help you launch a campaign & scale your business profitably at a nominal fee unlike other expensive advertising agencies. 

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Campaign Testing

Testing ad creatives, audiences and objectives is something that is constantly done throughout the progression of your ad account. It’s important that we allocate a certain amount of budget for testing so we can find new opportunities, better our current results and get ahead of competitors in the market.


Optimisation means improving the performance of your Instagram adverts. This could be increasing the budget, tweaking the targeting, changing the creative, tweaking the landing page or many other things. Optimisation really comes down to: what is your objective; what is the current performance of the campaign; and how do we tweak things in order to keep in line with your business KPI’s.

Scaling Campaigns

Successfully scaling a campaign on Instagram really comes down to the data. What is your target CPA? How much volume do you need? What countries can we sell in? How much budget do you have available? Using this data and the data collected from the ad account we can put together a scaling plan to bring more volume.

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Unlike Other Agencies, We Are Known For Result Oriented Marketing. If You Are Looking For Leads/Sales For Your Business, We Deliver Leads/Sales With Our Instagram Ad Management Services.

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Our Motto Is To Provide “Agency Work At Freelance Fee” We Believe That All Businesses, Big Or Small Should Be Able To Leverage The Power Of Internet To Grow Their Business/Brand. 

We Make That Possible. Our Experienced Team Of Freelancers Consists Of Copywriters, Designers, Ad Optimization Experts, And More To Deliver High Quality Results To Your Instagram Campaign. 

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The costs associated with Instagram advertising in India will depend entirely on the type of campaign you are looking to run.

Instagram allows you to target users based on a wide range of factors such as geography, demography, pages followed, interests, number of connections, and more. Generally speaking, the broader your target audience, the broader the budget will need to be to serve ads to that many people.

The type of business you are looking to promote will also affect your advertising costs. A product will need a different budget compared to a service or event business.

We have been able to generate high quality leads as low as Rs 15 & sales for e-commerce at Rs 22

Instagram tends towards a much younger demographic than the other social media platforms. The typical Instagram user is a woman aged between 13-29, living in an urban environment, earning between $45,000-$75,000.

This makes Instagram advertising ideal for brands looking to target Zennials and Millennials with striking and engaging creative media.

When you promote through the Instagram app, you'll select an Audience for your promotion. It's recommended that you create an audience based on the types of customers you'd like to reach.

Here's how people can see your promotion:

  • People within the audience you set will be eligible to see your promotion.
  • If someone sees your promotion and tags another person in the comments, the tagged person person will be able to see your promotion.

Additionally, the original version of your post from before it was promoted will still exist on your Business Profile. This original post can still be seen in the Instagram feeds of your followers as well as anyone visiting your Business Profile.

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Being a team of freelance experienced Instagram ad marketing experts, we are able to charge nominal fees for result oriented agency type work that we deliver for your business.

We charge a nominal fee based on the type of business and the objective of the campaign.

We also offer a 10 DAY RISK FREE TRIAL to get you results.

Please feel free to contact us to know more.

Instagram & Facebook advertising is the most cost-effective advertising investment any business can make. It is cheaper than almost every alternative source/ platform of digital advertising.

Contact us to discuss your facebook marketing objectives.

We provide instagram marketing services world wide. We believe in expanding your business on Instagram & Facebook like never before and create content that forms a never ending chain of brand loyalists and customers.

Yes, depending on your business goal e.g generating leads or driving sales for your e-commerce store can be done profitably and at scale with the help of paid instagram promotions.

One can also use instagram paid promotion to grow his handle and gain followers and likes. This in turn helps influencers get paid promotion brand deals.